Air Show 2019

22nd & 23rd August

Clacton Air Show 2019

What an event!

An excellent turnout of rotarians, partners and friends supported the Clacton Airshow car parking over the three days. The weather was extremely kind and heatstroke was more of a threat that soggy feet. A good supply of water, tea, coffee and cakes kept our sugar levels up, sustaining members’ efforts throughout the day, which were outstanding.

The setting-up on Wednesday afternoon was completed in close to 3 hours, and after much discussion, including the movement of some of the signage on-the-day, we achieved a very workable layout. Clearly we would benefit from an agreed drawing of the layout etched in stone. Hopefully, one of our members will put pen to paper before the corporate memory fades.

The car park was full on both days by around 1300hrs. The plan to only use signage to direct cars onto the site worked extremely well and the three entrance points at the top of the drive ensured that there was very little queuing, if any, on West Road throughout the two days.

A very warm congratulations to Community Service Committee Chairman, PP Mark Penn and his Team for organising such a successful event; and to all club members, partners, friends and Clacton Jubilee members who helped on the days. A special mention to the Club’s Liaison Team of PP Ray Hansen and PP John Tingey who ensured that we were well supported by Tendring District Council and worked within the legal restraints.

The final figure of takings is yet to be calculated but I am advised it is between £16k & £17k gross, evenly split between online bookings and money at the gate. A great success for charitable causes!

Although signage was crystal clear, several cars remained on site after 1800hrs and 2 were still there when the gates were finally locked at 1830hrs. PP Mark received phones calls whilst eating his supper and returned to site after he finished his meal, only to find that they had vaporised, or escaped by alternative routes!

All proceeds going to support local good causes.

The Motley Crew 2019