Dress Code

Venue Dress Code

Our venue, the Clacton on Sea Golf Club, has a strict dress code and a mobile telephone usage code and we ask for our visitors and members alike to respect and observe these codes.


Mobile phones may only be used on silent alert and are not permitted to be used in any mode on the course, patio or in the lounge.


NO denim or denim style clothing of any kind, jeans, trainers, plimsoll type shoes, beachwear of any kind, football or rugby shirts, shirts without collars, round-necked/t-shirts, track-suits, golf shoes, golf jackets or over clothes, soiled clothing, headwear. Ladies may wear knee length shorts or cropped trousers. Formal dress such as jacket, collar and tie may be stipulated for specific days or events. Men may wear shorts with or without socks in the lounge bar from the start of British Summer Time to the end of British Summer Time, but not in the dining area at any time.


Dress as for Course regulations except no headwear permitted.


Dress as for Course Regulations except sandals are permitted with or without socks. Trainers are NOT permitted.


(Start of British Summer Time to End of British Summer Time) During summer months men may wear shorts in the lounge bar, but unless otherwise specified shorts must not be worn at any proper dining table in the restaurant area or during any evening function. Tailored knee length shorts with fly, proper waistband and belt loops, standard hem or small turn-up, any combination of front, side or back pockets are acceptable. Not acceptable are camouflage patterns, 3/4 cut offs, beach, football, swimming shorts or shorts with drawstring waistband. Footwear. Socks are optional and need not be worn with sandals etc. However if socks are worn with shorts they should be white sports ankle or white trainer/liner socks, this also applies to the golf course with no summer restriction. Not acceptable – any kind of beach type footwear, for example plastic flip flops, trainers, trainer style etc. As is customary members are expected to dress in good taste and be smart in appearance. This will be enforced by the staff, please abide by the dress code.


NO denim or denim style clothing of any kind, jeans, trainers, plimsoll type shoes, shirts without collars, no round-necked/t-shirts, track-suits, football or rugby shirts, no sleeveless shirts for men. No beachwear of any kind. Mock tops/turtle necked tops are acceptable, as are roll-neck tops under jumpers. TROUSERS MUST NOT BE TUCKED INTO SOCKS. Men: – tailored knee length shorts are acceptable with knee length socks or white ankle/trainer/liner socks. Full-length trousers only, however, plus twos and plus fours are acceptable. Ladies: – knee length tailored shorts with white ankle socks or ladies trainer socks/liners. Cropped or full-length trousers are acceptable.