Food Project Going Well

Coastal Acc logoA lovely note of thanks from our friends at Clacton Coastal Academy for the recent collection of donated food.  The Food2Good2Waste project is going well!

Firstly may I say thank you to you all for the service and contributors of food2good2waste.

On a Tuesday and Friday our organisation the Coastal Community Centre, come to your premises and take away food for our service users.

On both days we have various groups that benefit hugely from the food donations.

We cater for all ages but mostly the groups that benefit from this scheme are disadvantaged children and people with mental health issues, and also our older generations.

This scheme gives students from the school Clacton Coastal Academy who attend the centre for breakfast club and after school clubs, a chance to have something to eat, and the cakes and pastries are a treat that they wouldn’t get at home.

Thank you once again