Inaugural Ken Lewellen Award


Our newly named award in memory of Ken Lewellen  was presented to President Elect Mark Penn for his “Service Above Self” to Rotary over the last 12 months.

Mark has been instrumental in bringing new ideas and change to the club, particularly with his work on Public Image, Membership and the Food2Good2Waste project.

The Public Image team picked up two awards this year with both National and District recognition, read more about those here.

Other areas of change have included an online ticket shop for the air show and introducing the first lady member of the club in 89 years.  Keeping the traditional values of Rotary whilst engaging with our modern online life will ensure a prosperous future for the club and its impact on the local community.

Thank you Mark for all you do in support of the Rotary Club of Clacton, the local community and beyond!


The Ken Lewellen Trophy 

Ken joined the Rotary Club of Clacton-on-Sea in May 1969. The motto “Service above Self’ appealed to him, and for the next 47 years he threw himself into Rotary life with great vigour.

Ken was at the forefront of many major projects including chairmanship of the Ad-Hoc committee setting up the Clacton Mental Health Association in 1972.

He became Club President in 1975/76 during which time a 24hr sponsored swim raised money for the new Essex Burns Unit, and the template for the Christmas Day meals was started, becoming a major success over the ensuing years. He led the formation of the Probus Club, which remains extremely successful and active.

In 1988 he played an integral part in the formation of the Rotary Club of Clacton Jubilee and was always proud and delighted by their many achievements over the subsequent years.

Ken was also involved internationally, travelling to Romania in 1993 with much needed X-Ray equipment and giving on-the-spot assistance.

It was not surprising that in 1996 the Club honoured Ken by making him a Paul Harris Fellow for services to Rotary, the local and international community.

Ken took part in all club activities playing a major role in the famous “mock wedding” in the late 60’s and performing one third of the Andrew Sisters at the Conservative Club! He was the only member good enough to sing the Rotary grace as well as enticing those present to join in!

Ken was not only a leader but also very much a team player, always eager to take on any task. It is both fitting and appropriate that the Clubman of the Year award is to be known as the “Ken Lewellen Trophy.