Induction of Gerald Atkinson

I was born and brought up in Woodford Green which was notionally in Essex. I spent five years as a an apprentice toolmaker and draughtsman designer, before heading off to The City University to study Mechanical Engineering.
This led to my first post graduate job working for Davy Paxman in Colchester (then part of the English Electric Company). I lived in Weeley and then Great Clacton for a short while before heading back to London to follow a career in as a Quality Engineer. This I did initially with Hoover in West London and then with The Rank Organisation in Chiswick.
Observing the rapidly demise of colour television industry in the UK I moved onto Dunlop Ltd., as a Senior Buyer in central London. Recognising the signs of change and decline once again (nothing to do with me in either case) I joined a family owned company in Tottenham, North London. The company had factories both there and in Glemsford, Suffolk. I Stayed with them for twenty-six years initially as their Chief Buyer, then Group Purchasing Manager and finally as Purchasing Director for the AVENT company which was spun off from the original business.
I retired in 2007 and moved to Frinton-on-sea for four years before moving to Somerset to be near family that had settled there. I returned to the East Coast of Essex in July of this year 2018.
My Rotary journey started in Frinton in 2008/2009 and continued in Frome, Somerset for seven years where I was invited to become President for the year 2016/2017. I am now delighted to be able to continue my Rotary journey by becoming a member of The Rotary Club of Clacton-on -Sea which I did as soon as I could when invited to do so in October of this year.