Induction of Robert Ashworth

Informality merged into formality with the inductions of two new members Robert Ashworth and Liz Guilder.

PP Hollis Drake set the perfect tone with his reading of the Object of Rotary.

Rtn Sarah White, a colleague at Thompson Smith a Puxon, gave an informative and amusing introduction on Robert. Classification – Solicitor

Ken Guilder then had the pleasant task of introducing his wife. He explained that, after years of working in care management, she has qualified as a funeral celebrant for the family firm. Classification – funeral celebrant, (I imagine fairly rare in the world of Rotary classification?).

The President presented Robert and Liz with the “non-essential” objet’s du Rotary. Apparently the very essential membership cards will follow in due course!

Accompanied by the Presidential mellifluous transatlantic tones the new members were then welcomed into our great organisation.

Robert and Liz expressed their thanks for the opportunity to become Rotarians and as a club we wish them a long, happy and meaningful association within the movement.