Induction of New Member

President Mark welcomes Past President Gerald Atkinson on his membership of Clacton on Sea Rotary Club Induction of New Member

Induction of Paddy Bellis

Induction of Sarah White

Sarah White becomes a Member of the Rotary Club of Clacton on Sea

Sarah White was inducted as a full member of the Rotary Club of Clacton on Sea. This is a historic moment for the Clacton on Sea branch of the Rotary Club as Sarah is the first lady member in its 89 year history. Sarah was introduced to Rotary by her previous employer who was a Rotarian and has given talks as a guest speaker at the Clacton Rotary Club lunches. After visiting the club and hearing more about the activities they are involved with Sarah decided she would like to become a member of the club and was kindly invited to join as an associate.

In addition to Sarah joining, Thompson Smith and Puxon are supporting the club by sponsoring their Clacton Air Show Car Park Appeal. The idea of the scheme is to offer guaranteed parking close to the air show with all funds raised going to local charities. Last year the car park scheme raised over £15,000 for local charities. The car parks are all manned by Rotary members and Sarah will be joining them as a volunteer this year. You can find out more about the scheme and book your parking here.

Presentation to Benin

Hazel and Deniz gratefully accept a cheque for Benin from President Mark & Past President Brian Presentation to Ben

Donation to Trinity Methodist Church

Rotary Club of Clacton on Sea is pleased to present a cheque for £5000 to the Trinity Methodist Church.


International Night – 8th March 2018

President Tony welcomed everyone to International Night.

He was delighted to welcome our special guests Ray Clark and his wife Shelley and Eva Lewellen. It was also good to see Colin Hance, IPP Harwich RC and his wife Gillian, and members of Clacton 41Club, Simon Anselmi, Matt Bareham, Richard Weeks and John Kemp, not forgetting, of course, the wives and partners of members.

PP Dick Farrow was called upon to say Grace, which was appropriate for the occasion.

Before a pleasant meal, efficiently served as ever, PP Brian Naylor explained the need for generosity in the purchase of tombola tickets in the hope of winning some of the impressive array of prizes. As one would expect from BN this was an efficient and seamless exercise and raised £256.

Although an informal occasion your traditional and old-fashioned correspondent was delighted to see PP Hollis arrive in a dinner jacket – old habits die…..!

The raison d’etre of the evening was to raise funds for the School of St Jude in Arusha, Tanzania. Our very own Paddy Bellis gave an excellent and very inspiring presentation on her involvement with the school. The aims of the school are, against incalculable odds, to provide free, high quality education by instilling “Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Kindness” into gifted children who come from very poor, socially deprived backgrounds. Inevitably the running of the school depends on voluntary donations with no government funding. Let us hope that with Paddy’s guidance we can continue to support this most worthwhile project.

PP Brain Henesy, chairman of International was able to announce that the evening has so far raised in excess of £900, including a very generous gift of £500 from the family of the late Ken Lewellen, a much missed member of the club.

President Tony introduced our guest speaker, Ray Clark of BBC Radio Essex talking on “Memories of Pirate Radio”. Ray, with over thirty years experience as a DJ and radio presenter, demonstrated, not only his gift for public speaking, but also his abundant effervescent enthusiasm for his topic.
He took us on a journey from the beginning of offshore pirate ships to the present day. Much emphasis was inevitably about Radio Caroline and it’s near proximity to our own coastline, and his own experience of being a DJ on that iconic vessel.
If you were unable to be present on Thursday and are interested, I suggest purchasing Ray’s book: Radio Caroline-The True Story of the Boat that Rocked”.
After some interesting questions PP Graham Syrett gave an appropriate vote of thanks on behalf of all present.

Congratulations and thanks are due to PP Brian H and his committee for all the hard work in organising a super and successful evening.
Although it was encouraging to resurrect International Night, especially when one of our own members is closely involved in the charity. It was, nevertheless, disappointing that less than 40% of the members were present.


Clacton Rotary International Night 2018


Rotary Club Supports Cancer Centre Bid

Clacton Rotary Club Supports Cancer Centre Bid

Clacton Rotary Club Supports Cancer Centre Bid

St Osyth C of E Primary School Gives Donation to Clacton Rotary Club

A Fantastic achievement made by the pupils of St Osyth C of E Primary School, who have raised £440 towards the Christmas Day meal from their two Carol Services. The money was given to President Tony Burnside, Secretary Willam Stevens, and Junior Vice President Steven Grimwood.

A big thank you to all those involved, especially the children and the audience watching.

St Osyth C of E Primary School

Goody Bags for Christmas Day

Christmas Goody Bags 2017

Rotarian Norman Byford and Angela Byford preparing the goody bags for Christmas Day

Christmas Goody Bags 2017

Christmas Goody Bags 2017

A very big thank you to our sponsors and our companies that help us supply the goody bags for Christmas Day

(Thompson Smith and Puxon, Farm Foods, The Clacton Lions)

89th Charter Night


Talk from Brainwave’s Gerry Gould

Gerry Gould and President Tony Burnside

Gerry Gould and President Tony Burnside

Gerry Gould and President Tony Burnside showing some of the items used in rehabilitating children.

Brainwave is a charity that exists to help children with disabilities and additional needs to achieve greater independence by aiming to improve mobility, communication skills and learning potential through a range of educational and physical therapies.

The first time their therapists meet you and your child they encourage you to discuss your child’s development.  They will get to know and understand your child, their current abilities and the goals they will be aiming to achieve.  They welcome close liaison with all professionals involved with your child’s development.

To read more about Brainwave, visit their website

Celebrating 100 Years

Rotary Foundation is celebrating 100 years of making a difference in communities around the globe.  Watch the video now…

By giving to The Rotary Foundation during our centennial year, you joined more donors than ever in empowering our Foundation to take on larger projects with greater impact. From developing nationwide literacy programs to training tomorrow’s peacemakers to helping push polio to the brink of eradication, your donation is Doing Good in the World.

Thank you for celebrating this tremendous milestone by giving. The Foundation’s second century — and the future of all who depend on its work — will be brighter because of you.

Find out more about our work with the Foundation here

Mad About Theatre

What a pleasure to meet Indi and Emily from the Mad About Theatre Company.  So great to hear about the work they are doing with local young people in the performing arts.

13 Year old Emily gave a passionate presentation about the work the Theatre Company do and the value it brings to local young people.

The Rotary Club of Clacton was pleased to present them with a cheque for £500 towards their ongoing productions and work in the community.

Find out more about their work at


Pictured below left to right:  John Brett (Rotary Community Service) Emily and Indi (Mad about theatre) and Mark Pen (Rotary President Elect)



Winners and Losers

Thanks to the sports & social  committee and especially Clive Gowers for organising another fantastic opportunity at Chelmsford City Race Course.

A great evening for friends & family to mix and enjoy in a brilliant venue.

Just one of the great social outings at Clacton Rotary.

Rotary 2

Dennis Spiller, the President for Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland 2017 introduces Rotary 2.

Our latest growth initiative seeks to form 250 brand new Rotary groups across Great Britain and Ireland as part of the plan which I have called Rotary 2.
This programme will generate opportunities for like-minded adults and People of Action to join one of many new and flexible Rotary groups.
These groups will meet and deliver Rotary in a less traditional style and in line with lifestyles we know have changed over the past decade. Many of you are already in such a club and many other clubs will follow suite.


Annual Art Exhibition

The club was very pleased, once again, to sponsor the Annual Art Exhibition at Clacton County High School.

The Principal, Neil Gallagher, in welcoming those present expressed thanks to the Rotary Club for their continued support and interest.

He introduced President-Elect Tony Burnside who, after congratulating all those students participating, presented the prizes to the winners of the various sections, art, design, textiles and photography.

All the exhibits were from the GSE and A Level coursework and demonstrated once again a very high standard of work.

Inaugural Ken Lewellen Award


Our newly named award in memory of Ken Lewellen  was presented to President Elect Mark Penn for his “Service Above Self” to Rotary over the last 12 months.

Mark has been instrumental in bringing new ideas and change to the club, particularly with his work on Public Image, Membership and the Food2Good2Waste project.

The Public Image team picked up two awards this year with both National and District recognition, read more about those here.

Other areas of change have included an online ticket shop for the air show and introducing the first lady member of the club in 89 years.  Keeping the traditional values of Rotary whilst engaging with our modern online life will ensure a prosperous future for the club and its impact on the local community.

Thank you Mark for all you do in support of the Rotary Club of Clacton, the local community and beyond!


The Ken Lewellen Trophy 

Ken joined the Rotary Club of Clacton-on-Sea in May 1969. The motto “Service above Self’ appealed to him, and for the next 47 years he threw himself into Rotary life with great vigour.

Ken was at the forefront of many major projects including chairmanship of the Ad-Hoc committee setting up the Clacton Mental Health Association in 1972.

He became Club President in 1975/76 during which time a 24hr sponsored swim raised money for the new Essex Burns Unit, and the template for the Christmas Day meals was started, becoming a major success over the ensuing years. He led the formation of the Probus Club, which remains extremely successful and active.

In 1988 he played an integral part in the formation of the Rotary Club of Clacton Jubilee and was always proud and delighted by their many achievements over the subsequent years.

Ken was also involved internationally, travelling to Romania in 1993 with much needed X-Ray equipment and giving on-the-spot assistance.

It was not surprising that in 1996 the Club honoured Ken by making him a Paul Harris Fellow for services to Rotary, the local and international community.

Ken took part in all club activities playing a major role in the famous “mock wedding” in the late 60’s and performing one third of the Andrew Sisters at the Conservative Club! He was the only member good enough to sing the Rotary grace as well as enticing those present to join in!

Ken was not only a leader but also very much a team player, always eager to take on any task. It is both fitting and appropriate that the Clubman of the Year award is to be known as the “Ken Lewellen Trophy.


Paul Harris Fellow Award


Congratulations to our friend and colleague William Stevens on receiving a Paul Harris Fellow’s Award.

William has served the people of Clacton and the Rotary for many years.  He joined Rotary in 2002 and has served on many committees.  As our current Hon. Secretary William is a rock to our presidents and keeps the whole club well organised and informed.

As well as many duties and services to the wider community, William has served the Rotary Club with the following:

Past President: 2007/8

Hon Secretary since 2013

Chaired:  Youth Activities, International and Club Service

Committee Membership: International, Resolution, Club Service, Disaster, Speaker Finder

William has served the wider community outside of Rotary too:

He was a member of St Clare’s Primary School PTA

He was a School Governor of St Clare’s School for 18 years and the Chair of Governors.

Treasurer of Friends of St Osyth Parish Church 6 years

Chairman of Jaywick Local Historical Society for 12 years.

Property manager at Tendring Talking Times.

Assisted in fund raising for Our Lady of Light Church at Jaywick.

Supporter of Benin Christian Aid.

Thank you William for your outstanding service to the people of Clacton and beyond!



First of many

We formerly welcome our first lady member in 89 years!

One of the last formal duties for our out going President Kevin Harkin was to formerly welcome our first lady member, Sarah White a solicitor with Thompson Smith and Puxon.

Sarah has been associated with Rotary clubs through previous employers and is a welcome addition to the Clacton Rotary, we look forward to many other ladies joining the club to serve the local community.



Old Boys Take It All


Congratulations to the Rotary Club of Clacton on Sea who have taken both a national and regional award for its online presence and website.

Well done the PI team Mark Penn and Richard Huckett for all the hard work in keeping the world informed of the excellent work the Rotary do in Clacton, Tendring and internationally too!

The club picked up both the National Online Presence Award and the Stan Keller District 1240 Trophy for Best website.


Race Night

And they’re off!  Clacton Rotary supporting the fund raising efforts of Cann Hall Primary PTA by putting on an exciting race night.  Well done team in helping raise £680 for the schools funds.

Mid and North Essex MIND


It was our privilege to hear from Jenny MacPherson of Mid and North Essex MIND at lunch this week.  

They do such an important work in our part of the county.  the need of our community out strips the availability of services and the team at MIND do an amazing job of looking after so many people in very difficult circumstances.

Show your support by following them on Facebook and taking part in local events.


Lung Cancer Awareness

Karen Tedder-Ward (CVST), Keith Parham (Rotary), Rhona Gilder (ECC Public Health), Trevor Norris, Ray Hansen (both Rotary)

We are proud to sponsor and support a new “Know The Signs” Lung Cancer awareness campaign at Golf Green Hall, Jaywick.

There was also an opportunity to get a health check at the session which was supported by Rotary Club of Clacton who paid for the venue and refreshments.

The campaign came about after it was identified that the area had a higher amount of suspected lung cancer per 1,000 people than the rest of the country as a whole.

Essex County Council Public Health Team has now joined forces with the Green Elms Medical Centre in Jaywick Sands and local survivors to raise awareness.

Staff at the centre are also concerned that patients are presenting later for lung cancer, meaning they were diagnosed later and therefor the condition was more advanced with limited options for treatment.

20170426_120938_resized Nurse Yvonne Preston with Jaywick resident Steve

Lynda McWilliams, Tendring District Council’s (TDC) Cabinet Member for Leisure and Partnerships – with responsibility for health and wellbeing – welcomed and praised the initiative.

“Figures in 2016 showed that Jaywick Sands had four more cases of suspected lung cancer per 1,000 compared to the England average,” she said.

“I fully support the event held today and thank all those that took part in helping to raise awareness.

“It educated those who attended on the signs and symptoms they should look out for with the message to get to their GP should they have any of them.”

The signs include a cough most of the time (and for more than three weeks); a change in a long term cough; shortness of breath; coughing up phlegm with signs of blood; an ache or pain in the chest or shoulder; loss of appetite; tiredness and loss of weight.

More information on the ‘Know the Signs’ campaign can be found at and follow #jaywickKTS on twitter.


Nurse Yvonne Preston tests the lug capacity of Jaywick Sands resident Steve Peterman.

Karen Tedder-Ward (CVST), Keith Parham (Rotary), Rona Gilder (ECC Public Health) Trevor Norris and Ray Hansen (both Rotary) help spread the message.

Food Project Going Well

Coastal Acc logoA lovely note of thanks from our friends at Clacton Coastal Academy for the recent collection of donated food.  The Food2Good2Waste project is going well!

Firstly may I say thank you to you all for the service and contributors of food2good2waste.

On a Tuesday and Friday our organisation the Coastal Community Centre, come to your premises and take away food for our service users.

On both days we have various groups that benefit hugely from the food donations.

We cater for all ages but mostly the groups that benefit from this scheme are disadvantaged children and people with mental health issues, and also our older generations.

This scheme gives students from the school Clacton Coastal Academy who attend the centre for breakfast club and after school clubs, a chance to have something to eat, and the cakes and pastries are a treat that they wouldn’t get at home.

Thank you once again


Collecting tools on Saturday 20th May in Clacton