SAILSHIP – Training & Learning for Life

Rtn David Smith introduced Liz Barritt, the CEO and Trustee of the locally based active charity, SailShip;Training and Learning for Life (TLL). It supports adults 18+ and young people living with mental ill health, learning disability, or those who have additional needs, through wellbeing and emotional therapy, training and skills works and holistic learning for independence in life.

She explained that as a former teacher at Shorefields school in Clacton, she was frustrated by the lack of aftercare and opportunity for pupils when they had to leave aged 18, and so in 2014, with the help of a loan and the Rush Green Allotment Trust, obtained a piece of land and an old caravan as a base for her newly formed charity. The charity has been immensely successful, has obtained a far larger plot of land, and now employs 10 staff to guide and train attendees, who are involved in therapeutic gardening, commercial horticulture, kitchen and cottage crafts which are sold to boost funds.

Liz’s explained that whilst SailShip TLL has been successful in recruiting and remunerating 10 staff, its CEO’s post is remunerated through a Tudor Trust grant.

Yet another local charity doing amazing things, of which few of us were aware. Visit their web site

Captain Brian Henesy, chosen because of his maritime skills (oh Rotary!) was invited to give the vote of thanks. Fortunately he didn’t find himself too far out of his depth.

Liz clearly raised the interest of Club members. This recently founded local charity, no more than a par 5 away from where we were sitting in the Golf Club, is clearly worth visiting over the next 6 months.  After her excellent talk President Steve Grimwood presented her with a cheque for £250.

An excellent charity that other Clubs in District 1240 might wish to invite to speak and consider supporting.