Supporting the Local Community

Les Nicoll delivered his 45 minute talk in half that time, never pausing to catch his breath or to search for words. What he had to say however was truly impressive. The impact that his organisational and fundraising skills have brought to the local community with the backing of the Fire Service are enormous, and to think that lacking any depth of knowledge of his achievements we were somewhat wary of supporting his request for funding last year! Thank goodness that we did, and for which he was extremely grateful.

To list just a few of those projects we can include raising funds for Christmas Hampers for the needy at Christmas, collecting clothes for those without, cutting fire deaths through fire alarm installations, homecare projects including those involving safeguarding, domestic violence, dementia and child protection; cooking with dementia courses at Clacton Fire Station supported by Tesco; walk and talk outings on Clacton seafront for dementia sufferers; ‘Speed Dating’ meetings to introduce personnel from the various community agencies to each other …. and much, much more. It was quite an eye opener.